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} Feb 03, The low morning sun is falling on the leaves at an almost direct angle and there is nothing to prevent the leaf from being cooked. Get a soil thermometer and check the temperature in the pot and either keep the soil above 64 when it is exposed to the sun or move it to a place where it cannot get any direct sun (north side of a partition for example).

Nov 27, The temperatures dropped to 45ish during the nights. After several nights of this I brought the plant indoors. A few days later I noticed leaves curling and dropping. A couple of weeks later the fruits started to drop.

Thank you Susanne!

A month later most of the leaves and fruit have dropped. I am wondering if this plant has died, went dormant, needs pruning. Calamondin Orange Tree Perfect size for containersMove outdoors in warmer months; Fragrant white flowers tart oranges with this attractive plant. Shiny, dark evergreen foliage provides the back drop for fragrant white flowers followed by fruit. Plant in a container and bring inside during the winter months.

Citrus x citrofortunella mitis Price:Jul 02, Two pests in particular can cause an orange tree to drop its leaves: scale insects and mites. Scale insects, which look like tiny dots calamondin orange tree dropping leaves"scales" attached to the leaves. Hey guys! I have been searching and searching for reasons on why my indoor calamondin is going from bad to practically dead and i cannot find any story that matches so please help!

I have my tree for over a year and this October it simply lost all its leaves. First they got a little brown spot on it.

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