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This lemon in the picture fell off my tree a few days ago. When it fell it was not very yellow but it ripens off of the tree. Now it is rotting after only being off for like two days! Ponderosa lemon tree btw. toni, usually the answer for this would be"PROPER" your lemon tree is a Meyers, they usually have this habit of dropping their extra young tree really should be on a watering schedule of some kind,when you can put 3 fingers down in the soil and those fingers are dry then it's time to.

Click to read further detail. Thereof, why are my lemons falling off? Occasionally, a lemon tree dropping fruit can be prevented, as dropping fruit can also result from improper watering or fertilization, excessive pruning and insect infestations. Apply water to the soil around a lemon tree slowly, allowing it to sink into the soil. Stop when the water begins to run off.

Why do my lemons fall off black? My lemons never ripen on the tree.

I gave it food when I brought it inside for the winter, and then the flowers started coming out.

+ 7. vote up Answer by Jerich01You most likely have sooty mold, a fungus. You may be looking at an outward sign of an ant infestation. Check around the base and branches of your tree for excessive ant infestation. Apr 22, A number of pests may also be responsible for lemon tree leaf drop.

Asian citrus psyllid produces honeydew, which leads to sooty mold as well as causing damage and leaf drop due to the feeding on of the young citrus leaves. Oil sprays can control this pest when applied frequently. Citrus leaf miners are also an intrepid pest assailing lemon tree leaves. Barely noticeable to the naked eye, leaf miners are not easy to control with chemicals since they are.

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